Plants vs. Zombies™ 2 App Reviews

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PvZ2 is great !

Very fun & growing difficulty !


Crashing at the end of each level! And I cant pass the level that teaches how to use the powers. Crashing on the iPad 4

Tower defense

Loved first chapter and love these one :)


^^^^^see above^^^

Totally addictive

Dont get this app unless you are prepared to spend a few hours playing. Its almost impossible to put down.

Perfect sequel

I was worried when this was announced as freemium, but my fears were unfounded. The complete game is open and available to those who are up to the challenge; the freemium content adds extra muscle but is no essential. Negative reviews seem to have lots of misguided rage at a game offering a full experience; this is everything I wanted from a sequel to PVZ

So far so good

Love the new plant food feature!

The biggest money grab ever

Could have been better then the first if it was not for them become greedy big time, I thought COC was bad but this game is unplayable without spending large sums of money on it to finish levels

Ho Hum

I dont know. Its ok I guess. Nothing too amazing but better than some.

I game purchases?!?!

Why the in game purchases?!??


Lots of fun for everyone.

No iPad 1st gen support

Why would PvZ require a front facing camera? No iPad 1st gen support means no stars from me...

What an improvement

The second instalment of PvZ is really so much better than the first. It has a complete map, three worlds and more coming, endless challenges, and mini missions. Yes the price on the the in- app purchase is crazily expensive. however the team put in so much effort into making this great game, of they dont get paid, who is gonna make you more games? Also you can finish all three map 100% without any purchase. Not that hard. So stop complaining about the in-app purchase please.

Best game

The best game to play!


Very good game. Make it so you can see achievements and leaderboards without going into game centre like the first Pvz. Lower prices for plants and make more things on sale more. Make it so it counts the zombies you killed please!!! Make new worlds too if you can.

Awesome game but..

This is a great sequel. But $2 or $3 bucks for one plant? Talk about trying to scam people.


Great but the add ins are way to much money. 2.99 for 1 plant?!


I love pvz but stupid EA ruined another great franchise

Same as others.

Id give this a five star had it been a 2-5$ game you just flat out buy and enjoy with no in-app purchases. Pretty disapointed in that aspect

You want me to pay what?

Would have happily paid a few dollars to buy the game then unlock things through progression, but to get anything in the game past the bare minimum isnt cheap. A real shame because I loved the first game and Im sad to see PopCap try to take advantage of that to rip me off.

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